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In counseling, we offer a supportive, safe, and warm space where adults and youth can find new ways to voice their needs.  Our goal is to create an environment that fosters trust, independence, wellbeing, and responsible behavior based on the unique strengths of each person.


​At Sunrise Counseling, we believe that treatment planning is a collaborative process that the therapist and client define together.  We recognize that the counseling process can be productive if there is a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, genuineness, and mutual respect.

Sunrise Counseling, LLC is also committed to a multicultural competent approach to therapy.  We recognize that cultural sensitivity and competency is an ongoing process.  Thus, we provide counseling services through the lens of the client's world as we work daily to expand our cultural knowledge.  Sunrise Counseling, LLC actively supports and advocates for cultural diversity and social inclusion in and out of the counseling session. 

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